Sunday, February 13, 2011

Describe about any of your presentation experiences.

I'm not a talented speaker but a few of us as a talented speaker when their talk in front of people. I was one of the nervous person before presentation. My heart beat fast. hehe. My first experience when I'm in high school my teachers give my class a topic to present. I was a little bit nervous but a teacher ask don't to be nervous and I can present the best. But now I more relax when presentation maybe because of experience before this. 

You just have to be relaxed and do the work that you must to present. Just do a little bit of excercise to make you cannot be nervous. You may also rates a experience from a professional in presenter. It can make your presentation more relaxed and not too nervous and to avoid mistakes.

The most valuable experience i have gained is I can improve 
my communication skills. Although not much but I will learn little by littleI can fully prepare myself and make the best of plans. If i make a mistakes I can learn from it,  
and adjust my approach accordingly. Sometimes things will go exactly as we have planned, and yet many times they will not..  :(

Avoiding question. Because of I'm not take it as a serious presentation, I'm just simply answer it because not study on the topic that I have to present. Maybe others will look down on what I presented. Yeah I admit, that was my fault. :'(

Experience is something that will come in time. Lack of experience is not important provided me to prepare my presentation well and I'm do my best to avoid the obvious mistakes. Hopefully :). I have to study the topic that have given. Be more relax and not more to nervous. I hope I can be relax and can look into the eyes of the audience then can speak with confidently.

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