Monday, March 14, 2011

Do you think you have improved your communication skills?

I think yes although not too much.I can understand a book that I read, a music that I hear is a good lessons to improve my English.Before this I'm not confident when use an English-English dictionary.When my lecturer tell my class to bring that and i fell so curious to use that and  now I can use that without curious in my communication. Thanks madam. ^^

In my past story before that I have told that only very few of us have been born as a talented speaker. Almost everyone will be nervous before a presentation. For beginners, my nervousness may easily lead to lack of confidence, caused by feelings of being inexperienced.

Its about my confident.I am more calm and not nervous as before. Before this I'm not confident also with what I do and feel  like dealing premises who belittle my way.Memory way that I cannot forget the is in high school my teacher once told our class to talk in front the class teacher  will be called a name by a forward and give me the title on the sport.. My brain was thinking a sentences for what I have to say.Lastly I can also answer the question though is slow and does not feel confident.

Guidance of teachers, friends and family that so supportive that can play importance role.They give a spirit to me and learn something to change my skills.I think the informal  home environment helps make it easier and more natural to pick up the skills.
e calm and not nervous dulu.saya xconfident also with what I do and feel likedealing premises who belittl

Do you like writing blogs?

Yes because blog educatinal reforms are vital to compete and survive in today's world.why I say that kind of because writings blog is interesting world that you can explore.Many kind of thing that you can do with blog such as find a new friend/many friends,can make more money,advertisement your product and many more.

Blog writing can make us learn a essential skills such as to  correct spelling errors, can strengthen memory for correct spelling and have good writing skills.It can give to us appourtunity to get a job because english important in every aspect of life.

Yes like I sad before blog writing can make me learn a essential skills such as to correct spelling errors, can strengthen memory for correct spelling and have good writing skills.I must take time to learn.If do not, I just see a professional like a teacher.

 I can fully prepare myself and make the best of plans. If i make a mistakes I can learn from it,  
and adjust my approach accordingly. Sometimes things will go exactly as we have planned, and yet many times they will not. =)

How much of new knowledge have you learned in your English for IT class?

Altough it not too much but I will know little by little.Our sir juraimi teach how to us communicate in life everyday,to do writing in blog that i have never do before and make a interview session that are too nervous like a real interview one day. 

I think went I start to decide start a new career one day, it can seem like such a harrowing and painful experience, I might  through several strenuous months or years of job searches and interviews, while still not finding the job that fits me.In that situation,with the right motivation and tools to help me choose the right career path.However,search of a new career without any real idea about what I want, try setting a plan in motion by using some of the following helpful hints.

Yes, because it is easy to understand and its the world language. if you want go to interview a job you must  need to fluent in english.Maybe employer may quickly appoint you to work with his company  because the world needs a skilled job to negotiate with customers and many employers are looking for graduates who are multi-skilled.

Internet is known as a world without corresponding as well as sending english.When using english  you can communicate without any problems.It facilitate your work and extend the association.We must admit English is global language.