Monday, March 14, 2011

Do you think you have improved your communication skills?

I think yes although not too much.I can understand a book that I read, a music that I hear is a good lessons to improve my English.Before this I'm not confident when use an English-English dictionary.When my lecturer tell my class to bring that and i fell so curious to use that and  now I can use that without curious in my communication. Thanks madam. ^^

In my past story before that I have told that only very few of us have been born as a talented speaker. Almost everyone will be nervous before a presentation. For beginners, my nervousness may easily lead to lack of confidence, caused by feelings of being inexperienced.

Its about my confident.I am more calm and not nervous as before. Before this I'm not confident also with what I do and feel  like dealing premises who belittle my way.Memory way that I cannot forget the is in high school my teacher once told our class to talk in front the class teacher  will be called a name by a forward and give me the title on the sport.. My brain was thinking a sentences for what I have to say.Lastly I can also answer the question though is slow and does not feel confident.

Guidance of teachers, friends and family that so supportive that can play importance role.They give a spirit to me and learn something to change my skills.I think the informal  home environment helps make it easier and more natural to pick up the skills.
e calm and not nervous dulu.saya xconfident also with what I do and feel likedealing premises who belittl

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